Stan's NoTubes Accessories

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Rimtapes are vital to a tubeless system. They come in different sizes depending on rim width. Stan's recommends choosing a rimtape that is 2-3mm wider than the internal rim width for optimum performance. 

*60 yards options are available for workshop use. For an inquiry on the price, please click here*


10 yard x 21mm

SGD $20

10 yard x 30mm

SGD $24

10 yard x 39mm

SGD $35


10 yard x 25mm

SGD $20

10 yard x 33mm

SGD $35

Enquire for 60 yard option


10 yard x 27mm

SGD $24

10 yard x 36mm

SGD $35


Key to the tubeless system is the sealant that is present inside the tyre. Sealant is crucial and allows for the sealing effect to take place in the event of a puncture. 

Sealants are only available in a Quart sizing. 


Tyre Sealant

SGD $35


Race Sealant

SGD $58


Stan's Sealant Injector

SGD $13.80


Tubeless Valves

Various valves are available to suit different rim depths. Valves are only sold as a pair and come with removable cores for easy injection of sealant into the wheel. 


35mm Presta

SGD $24

32mm Schrader

SGD $24


44mm Presta

SGD $24

40mm Valve Extenders

SGD $32


55mm Presta

SGD $24

Valve Core Remover

SGD $10