Stan's NoTubes Valve Extenders 40mm (Pair)

Stan's NoTubes Valve Extenders 40mm (Pair)


A pair of 40mm effective length threaded valve extensions for use with removable valve core presta valves. Allows deep section rims to be converted to tubeless use by way of external threads for securing the presta nut. The only externally threaded valve extenders on the market.

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The following would be the features of the Stan’s NoTubes Valve Extenders:

  1. CNC machined aluminum valve extension, 2 grams each

  2. Adds 40mm of length to any removable core presta valve

  3. Can be used with any removable core presta tube

  4. Removable valve cores not included

  5. Rubber o-ring seals inside the valve to eliminate leaks

  6. Can be used with our Road Tubeless Valve

  7. Sold as a pair