SP-01 Boost Kit Carbonio Superflow

SP-01 Boost Kit Carbonio Superflow


SP-01 presents a compact shape with a rounded tip. Agile, lightweight and strikingly sporty, the saddle is conceived and specially designed with a “short-fit” shape. This specific shape accompanies major technical improvements such as the suspension link movement: an exclusive technology already present in the SP-01, consisting of two rear sections which are independent from each other. The extraordinary level of comfort offered by the saddle comes from the movement of the two sections, which adjust to the movement of the hips, thus guaranteeing greater freedom of pedalling, lateral flexion and shock absorption.

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Data Sheet:

  • Weight: 160g (S3), 165g (L3)

  • Rail: CarboKeramic 7mmx9mm

  • Dimensions: 130x250mm (S3), 146x250mm (L3)

  • Category: Racing

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