Merida Floor Pump ECO

Merida Floor Pump ECO

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The Merida Floor Pump ECO is our entry level floor pump. The pump’s main material for both the barrel and base is steel which promises smooth strokes and a very long lifespan. The pressure gauge is accurate and allows for one to hit pressures of up till 160psi/11bar.

The pump valve is able to take both Presta and Schrader heads. Changing valves is also a simple endeavor. (Simply unscrew and flip and screw the valve head!)

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The Merida Floor Pump ECO features will be as follows:

  1. Large Steel base

  2. Durable Steel Barrel

  3. Clever Valve - change by simply flipping the head over.

  4. Able to pump to a max pressure of 160psi/11bar.

  5. Comes with adapters for Balloons & Balls.