Crankbrothers Portable Pump Sterling Short Gauge

Crankbrothers Portable Pump Sterling Short Gauge


The Crankbrothers Sterling portable pump is the most premium portable pump in the range. Crankbrothers have out done themselves in designing and developing such a pump. The Pump head features the Smart head technology which allows the user to pump both Presta and Schrader heads without the need to manually switch in between.

The Pump also features Crankbrother’s infamous high volume/high pressure switch for easy inflation. All Crankbrother’s portable pumps come with a bottle cage mounted pump mount for easy access and storage on the ride.

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The Crankbrothers Sterling Portable Pump with Gauge specfications will be as follows:

  1. Airswitch: High volume / high pressure

  2. Length: 198mm

  3. Pressure: 100+psi / 7+bar

  4. Weight: 141g