Colnago C64 Framekit Mapei

Colnago C64 Framekit Mapei

from 6,752.00

The new C64 Mapei Edition is available for Pre-Order! The frame still boasts the same Italian handmade frameset with the good old use of carbon fiber lugs as pieces which are bonded together forming this emasculate piece of art.

This stunning piece of framekit is now available for Pre-Orders! For more information, please fill up the form down below.

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The Colnago C64 Frame Kit will include the following:

  1. Disc Version:

    1. Frame (with Thru Axle, 142x12mm) - Colnago C64 Disc

    2. Fork (with Thru Axle, 100x12mm) - Colnago C64 Disc Fork Thru Axle

    3. Headset - Colnago C64 Proprietary

    4. Seatpost (with 15mm setback) - C64/V2-R Seatpost Black 15mm Offset

    5. SR9 Internal Routed Stem (please indicate your preferred Stem Length in the form upon checking out)

  2. Caliper Version:

    1. Frame - Colnago C64 Direct Mount

    2. Fork - Colnago C64 Direct Mount

    3. Headset - Colnago C64 Proprietary

    4. Seatpost (with 15mm setback) - C64/V2-R Seatpost Black 15mm Offset

Sizing Guide & Geometry Charts

Sizing Guides are our recommendation for the right bike size based off overall height.

If you are in between sizes or have doubts about selecting the bike of your choice, please contact us at WA: +65 9090 8000 or EMAIL:

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Terms & Conditions

  • Estimated Shipping Time for Full Payment Option will begin from date of transaction.

  • Estimated Shipping Time for Deposit Payment Option will begin after we have shipped over your framekit and contact you to make the final payment before collection/delivery.

  • Estimated Shipping Time from Date of Complete Payment: 60-90 days.

Things to note when purchasing a Colnago Frame Kit from us:

  • Colnago Ernesto E C Srl guarantees its frames, if purchased from authorized Colnago dealers, free of production defects or materials for:

    • Three years from the date of purchase at retail if, within ten days of the purchase, it is registered on the site

    • Two years if it does not register within ten days of purchase or for warranty replacement products.

    • Two years for the E64 model from the retail purchase date.

    Chassis that is recognized as defective by Colnago Ernesto E C Srl in the terms of this warranty will be repaired or replaced, at the discretion of Colnago. In case of NON availability of the original product, the replacement will take place with a similar product of equivalent value. We remind you that the Colnago warranty covers any aesthetic and / or painting defects for 12 months (1 year).

    Products of other companies, mounted on Colnago bicycles, are covered by the guarantees of the respective manufacturers, to which you are kindly requested.

     This warranty does not cover:

    1. products without a purchase tax document (receipt or invoice)

    2. products not purchased from an authorized Colnago dealer

    3. products whose identification codes have been removed, altered, deleted or made illegible

    4. normal wear (including fatigue)

    5. damage caused by abuse or improper use, incorrect assembly (for example incorrect tightening torques), incorrect or insufficient maintenance, accidents, blows, corrosion, use of aggressive cleaners, use with non-toxic products compatible, repairs not carried out correctly, and more generally anything that does not constitute a manufacturing defect

    6. products arrived at the natural end of the useful life cycle

    7. the effects of UV exposure (fading, yellowing) including Fluo colors

    8. the effects of the saline environment

    9. repainted products (even partially)

    10. products that have undergone any changes

    11. transport damage (responsible for the carrier)

    12. aesthetic defects that were easily detectable at the time of purchase of the product

    13. the labor necessary for replacement

     This warranty applies only to the original purchaser and is not transferable. This warranty is expressly limited to the repair or replacement of a defective product that is the only warranty remedy.

     Colnago Ernesto E C Srl is not responsible for consequential or incidental damages. This is the only conventional warranty in effect for the product you have purchased, and any additional, implicit, or implied warranty is specifically excluded. When a product is repaired or replaced as a guarantee free of charge, the replacement product has a new warranty. In addition, when a product is replaced under warranty, the replaced product becomes the property of Colnago Ernesto E C Srl. Any dispute over the warranty, the purchase and use of Colnago products will be governed by Italian law; the competent forum will be the Milan, Italy forum.