Thudbuster Long Travel

Thudbuster Long Travel


Thudbuster is the most effective and versatile suspension seatpost on the market. Its patented, parallel linkage technology delivers a clear advantage in comfort and control. Performance makes this seatpost the perfect add-on for a wide variety of riders or bikes.

The Thudbuster technology stays in the direct path of the natural travel of the rear wheel. As a bump lifts the back of a bicycle, the rear wheel pushes up and forward into the rider. The Thudbuster works by compressing along the exact opposite path — down and rearward — absorbing force at the same rate: The net movement of the saddle is zero. Fully active elastomers provide approximately 3 inches (76mm, Long Travel) or 1.3 inches (33mm, Short Travel) of customizable suspension.

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Here are the specifications for the Thudbuster LT:

  1. Post: Forged Aluminium

  2. Linkage: Forged and CNC machined aluminum

  3. Pivots: Stainless steel axles with PTFE-impregnated sintered-bronze bushings

  4. Elastomers: Two #5 elastomers come pre-installed from factory.  An additional #3 and #7 come in the box.  #1 and #9 elastomers sold separately

  5. Travel: 3 inches (76mm)

  6. Length: 400mm

  7. Weight: 540 - 570g (depending on post diameter) 

  8. Max Rider Weight: 250 lbs. / 113kg

  9. Extension: Minimum - 142mm / Maximum - 300mm 

  10. Diameters: 26.8mm, 27.2mm, 30.9mm (additional diameters available with shim)

For more information on the Instructions and Weight Chart, click here!