eeNut Preload Assembly

eeNut Preload Assembly


The eeTop and eeNut offer a beautifully functional new concept for an extremely lightweight preload assembly. A total weight of only 9.6 grams for the full assembly, the eeTop and eeNut saves 30 grams over the typical top and preload. The eeNut is a unique and patent pending design providing ultra light weight, solid locking action and ease of installation in one package. The recessed cone shape provides greater tension stiffness. This increased stiffness facilitates precise headset adjustment and sets it apart from other lightweight caps.

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The Cane Creek eeNut Preload Assembly will include the following:

  • Cane Creek eeNut Preload Assembly:

    • Cane Creek eeNut Preload Assembly Packed.

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