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Racing, Training, Commuting - All-in One

Racing, Training, Commuting - All-in One


Developed for racing, but equally at home as a super commuter bike or a winter training bike. Affordable premium aluminium and light, stiff carbon options. For practicality, cables are internally routed and mudguard mounts are included.  


The Merida Cyclocross series resembles the Scultura but with some major differences when it comes to the components and frame shapes. Wider tyre clearances, a slacker frame geometry and disc brakes allows for the bicycle to be ridden over most types of terrain while still retaining the same feel as that of a road bike. Being a niche discipline of cycling which has been rapidly gaining more recognition over the past few years, it is one of the most popular bikes in today's cycling industry. 

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Sizing Charts are available at the bottom of the page. 


Cyclocross 600

SGD $2,061 | Specifications: Here


Cyclocross 300

SGD $1,181 | Specifications: Here


Cyclocross 100

SGD $1,091 | Specifications: Here

Sizing Chart

Below is a chart for the sizing of Road/Speeders/Cyclocrosses. *Please note that sizes will vary according to an individual's body proportion.* 

HL Bike Sizing Chart_Merida Road & Speeder.jpg


General overview of Merida's Bikes here

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