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C64 Details

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The fork of the C64 has been completely redesigned, with an outer rib that gives the athlete more comfort and also increases the riding qualities (lateral stiffness). To increase stiffness and strength, we have created a special rib inside the steering tube, co-laminated with a threaded aluminium insert that actually replaces the traditional expander. The C64 disc fork is made with a special C / D shape to allow the complete passage of the hydraulic hoses inside the stem, which allows for clean lines on the surface. The front through pin, which is also 12mm as for the C60 disc, is now a hexagonal threaded type which reduces the weight of the system.
Weighing at just 355 grams, with the same shape as the disc version, the traditional brake fork accommodates the pivots for direct-mount brakes, a necessary choice to provide the space required for the use of large-section tires. The length of the fork has been increased by 5mm, a stratagem that has made it possible to create a hollow fork head, reducing the weight but maintaining the same rigidity and performance of the fork of the C60. 
The dropouts are now carbon fiber, made with a process similar to metal forging.


Head Tube

Although it retains the same shape as the equivalent C60 conjunction, the C64 steering tube is made with a new technology that has made it possible to reduce the thickness and therefore the weight. The shape has also been revised in the central part, with the addition of a pronounced rib to increase lateral stiffness. As with the rest of the frame, the surface finish is now in unidirectional carbon instead of 3k for a further weight reduction.



Based on the experience we have gained with the Concept's steering gear, we wanted to bring that technology to the C64 model as well. The upper part of the steering has been revised, it is now made of a special polymer composed of carbon fiber, nylon and elastomer. This feature offers an added ability to dampen road vibrations, improving driving characteristics and comfort.


Down Tube

Inspired from the stellar shape of the C60 down tube, we have revised the lower part, now with slightly reduced width. This choice made it possible to more effectively balance the stiffness of the central area of he frame. To further increase torsional rigidity and maximize component integration, the down tube has a lowered zone near the bottle holder. 
Although the C64 is not a chassis born with aerodynamic ambitions, this feature provides a clear advantage over a traditional solution. The cable clamp for the mechanical assemblies is now placed on the oblique tube in the area near the steering and obtained from the mold.


Saddle Tube

Probably the most obvious difference between C60 and C64 is represented by the saddle tube, which in this last model merges with the saddle joining to form a single monocoque piece. This feature increases the rigidity of the frame, while maintaining the low weight. Always visible in this particular is the grafting of the high rear sheaths, no longer rectilinear but with a conical shape, to increase the bonding force and therefore the overall rigidity.


Saddle Clamp

The saddle knot is extremely clean on this model, thanks to the completely hidden and structurally integrated seat clamping system. Instead of a vertical insertion system like on V2 and concept, the C64 has a single lower draft wedge. The weight reduction is about 15 grams and the wedge contact zone with the frame is reinforced thanks to an aluminium core co-molded together with the carbon.



Based on the shape of the V1-r seat post, it offers a slight aerodynamic gain but above all increases the vertical absorption of the roughness, compared with the previous round tube with a diameter of 31.6mm. The standard seat post has an offset of 15mm, while versions of 0mm and 30mm are available aftermarket.


Bottom Bracket

Designed around our proven TF 82.5, the press fit standard with removable caps, the central movement joint is now more complex than ever. The cable guide, typically a screwed plastic detail, is now printed directly in carbon, for maximum weight savings and the widest possible radius for the best shifting performance. Another small detail is the hexagonal shape on the right side, our point of reference for the assembly and quality control of our frames. Finally, the most obvious difference is the asymmetry of the inserts of the rear carriage, with the left now much wider.


Ceramic Speed

From the beginning of the TF 82.5 project, the idea was ingenious: to maintain the reliability of a threaded movement but to offer the benefits of the greater width of the press fit systems. 
Now we have gone further, with a collaboration with the prestigious Ceramic Speed brand. Together, we have created our central movement, to be screwed directly into our frames. 
We will offer the central movement in three different versions: Campagnolo, Shimano and Sram.


Rear Triangle

Another important area where we have completely revised our technology is the rear wagon. The C64 dropouts are now an integral part of the horizontal stays. The one-piece construction lowers weight, increase comfort and maintain the same lateral stiffness. The disc version is characterized by the same full carbon construction, plus a 12mm rear axle and flat-mount brake housings. 
The low sheaths of the traditional brakes version are slightly wider than the disc version to maintain the same rigidity, and therefore performance, otherwise compromised by the lack of a robust through pin.
The replaceable gear dropout is the same, internally mounted, used on our other carbon frames (V2, Concept, C-rs, The lightweight vertical monocoque is designed around large tires and houses direct-mount brake couplings.


Tire Clearance

While reducing weight has been the key to our project so far, the space for tires with a larger section has been another important factor considered in the design of the C64. 
The frame is designed with a maximum footprint of 36.5mm (wheel diameter 348.5mm), which translated into simple words will allow you to use 28mm tires with enough space to pedal peacefully in all conditions.


Versatile Stem

Due to the internal cable passage, in the disc version, we had to design one of our handlebar stems that would mate to the fork with C / D steerer tube. 
The attachment is compatible with every handlebar and brake type.


C64 PKWH copia.jpg

C64 Frame Kit (PJWH)

SGD $6,541 (Caliper) | SGD $7,351 (Disc) Specifications Here

C64 PKEM.jpg

C64 Frame Kit (PJEM)

SGD $6,961 (Caliper) | SGD $7,781 (Disc) Specifications Here

C64 PKRD copia.jpg

C64 Frame Kit (PJRD)

SGD $6,541 (Caliper) | SGD $7,351 (Disc) Specifications Here

C64 BFWH copia.jpg

C64 Art Decor Frame Kit (BDWH)

SGD $7,191 (Caliper) | SGD $8,011 (Disc) Specifications Here

C64 PKBK copia.jpg

C64 Frame Kit (PJBK)

SGD $6,541 (Caliper) | SGD $7,351 (Disc) Specifications Here

C64 BFBL copia.jpg

C64 Art Decor Frame Kit (BDBL)

SGD $7,191 (Caliper) | SGD $8,011 (Disc) Specifications Here

C64 PKSL copia.jpg

C64 Frame Kit (PJSL)

SGD $6,541 (Caliper) | SGD $7,351 (Disc) Specifications Here