"bringing joy to another lights a thousand suns within" - Amy Leigh Mercree

"bringing joy to another lights a thousand suns within" - Amy Leigh Mercree

The Niterider family began on the beaches of Southern California with Tom Carroll, a builder, a designer and a passionate inventor. The surfs along the beaches were often pitch black and the crowds were non-existent. With the urge to hit the surfs in such conditions, Tom then started work on a solution which he then turned into the company that it is today. What started out as a lighting system revolving around providing light to the surfs, then turned into a solution for mountain bikers looking to shred their local trails at night. 

Today, Tom and his wife Veronica still design and build some of the company’s finest products. They do so together with a team of over 30 staff, all dedicated to providing their customers with products and customer service of exceptional quality.

Pro Series

The NiteRider® Pro series is the flagship series that NiteRider® developed and released in 2012. Since then, various improvements have been made to make this one of the most sought after set of lights in the market today. 

NiteRider® provides cyclists the most durable, reliable, and best performing lights in the market. It’s not a statement we make lightly, as the backbone of our success has been built on providing lights of exceptional quality to this very demanding market sector.
Through 24 years of actively supporting professional riders at 12 and 24 hour endurance events, we have learned what it takes to become the stand alone leader in bike lighting.


Pro 4200 Enduro Remote

SGD $690 | Specifications: Here


Pro 2200 Race

SGD $390 | Specifications: Here


Lumina Series

Portability has never been this bright before. Combined with high powered LEDs,  added 'Boost' functions and multiple steady and blinking modes, the NiteRider® Lumina series is certainly a 'bang for your buck'! 


Lumina 1200 OLED Boost

SGD $172 | Specifications: Here


Lumina Micro 650

SGD $55 | Specifications: Here


Lumina 1200 Boost

SGD $122 | Specifications: Here

Lumina 1000 Boost

SGD $95 | Specifications: Here


Lumina Micro 850

SGD $65 | Specifications: Here


Swift Series

Delivering Swift, everyday reliable performance in an economical ultra compact head light. Mounts are inbuilt, as well as an integrated low battery indicator, perfect for commuters and cycling enthusiasts.


Swift 500

SGD $45 | Specification: Here


Swift 300

SGD $32 | Specifications: Here



The Niterider Taillights are super bright, compact and lightweight USB rechargeable tail light which offers great visibility in both day and night conditions.  *Video for illustrative purposes only.



Omega 300

SGD $56 | Specifications: Here

NiteRider_Sentry Aero 260_5088.jpg

Sentry Aero 260

SGD $52 | Specifications: Here


Solas 250

SGD $48 | Specifications: Here


Sabre 80

SGD $35 | Specifications: Here



S_4000 - K-Edge Mount - $35.jpg

K-Edge Mount

SGD $35 | Specifications here

S_7155 - Mount, Tail Light, Strap Large - $18.jpg

Mount, Tail Light, Strap Large

SGD $18 | Specifications here

S_4127 - Pro Series Low Profile Helmet Mount - $28.jpg

Pro Series Low Profile Helmet Mount

SGD $28 | Specifications here

S_7156 - Mount, Tail Light, Strap - $18.jpg

Mount, Tail Light, Strap

SGD $18 | Specifications here

S_6349 - Lumina Helmet Mount - $25.jpg

Lumina Helmet Mount

SGD $25 | Specifications here

S_5096 - Seat Stay Mount - $9.jpg

Seat Stay Mount

SGD $9

S_8541 - Lumina Stick-On Mount - $20.jpg

Lumina Stick-On Mount

SGD $20 | Specifications here

S_5095 - Rack Mount - $16.jpg

Rack Mount

SGD $16 | Specifications here