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MERIDA was founded by lke Tseng in 1972 with the ambition to improve the public opinion of the 'Made in Taiwan' label. The three syllables Me-ri-da roughly translate as the 'intention to manufacture only beautiful and high-quality products enabling anyone to reach their destination as pleasantly as possible. 'Tseng managed to change the face of the cycling industry and hugely contributed to turning Taiwan into the country with the most advanced production know-how in the bike industry today. 

Each MERIDA bike goes through its own international journey: Our R&D team is based in the technology hot spot Stuttgart, where the entire model range is designed. The bikes go through a rigorous testing program - let it be in our state of the art test laboratory, on the short test loop after work, during long test rides over the weekend or at some of the most demanding races. Our Taiwan headquarter in Yuanlin combines the extraordinary R&D work from our German team with high-tech materials, innovative production processes as well as precise and careful craftsmanship.

Their credo is MORE BIKE, and that for a good reason. Every customer can expect that little bit 'MORE' from their bikes, which will give each rider the feeling to be riding on the right, rather than just 'any' bike. Boasting confidence in their products that the company offers a Lifetime Frame Warranty.   


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