Light, Versatile, Speedy and Comfortable

Light, Versatile, Speedy and Comfortable

Speeder 2019

Fast and lightweight, the Speeder shares its genes with road bikes. The geometry with its long head tube delivers a more upright and comfortable riding position. Ideal for fast commuting or fitness rides.  


Falling into one of 2 models within Merida's Hybrid range, the Merida Speeder is designed, as the name suggests, for speed as well as for long distance. Equipped with road components and the ability to run slightly thicker tires than regular road bikes, makes for a ride that is both fast as well as comfortable. Straight bars allow for a more upright position to be achieved, creating a more comfortable feel and greater compliance when weaving in and out of traffic.  

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Sizing Charts are available at the bottom of the page.


Speeder 900

SGD $1,822 | Specifications: Here

Speeder 300-Juliet

SGD $1,232 | Specifications: Here

Speeder 100-Juliet

SGD $822 | Specifications: Here


Speeder 400

SGD $1,422 | Specifications: Here

Speeder 200

SGD $972 | Specifications: Here


Speeder 300

SGD $1,232 | Specifications: Here

Speeder 100

SGD $822 | Specifications: Here

Sizing Chart

Below is a chart for the sizing of Speeders. *Please note that sizes will vary according to an individual's body proportion.* 

HL Bike Sizing Chart_Merida Road & Speeder.jpg


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