Crankbrothers Pumps


Sterling Pump: Premium pumps with a smart head which automatically switches between Schrader or Presta valves. 

Gem Pump: A lightweight pump that features a convertible head for Schrader or Presta valves with a patented high volume/ high pressure air switch.  

Klic Pumps: Premium portable pumps with hidden magnetic hose and an ergonomic design.  

Sterling CO2 Inflator: Push-spring controlled inflator head with integrated frost guard. 

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Klic with Analog Gauge + Cannister Floor Pump

SGD $252


Gem Black Floor Pump

SGD $60

Klic High Volume

SGD $46


Klic with Analog Gauge Floor Pump

SGD $122

Klic High Volume Gauge

SGD $58

Klic High Pressure

SGD $46


Sterling Floor Pump

SGD $88

Klic High Pressure Gauge

SGD $58

Short Gem Pump (130psi)

SGD $28


Long Sterling Pump (100+psi)

SGD $62

Short Sterling Pump (100+psi)

SGD $56

Sterling CO2 Inflator

SGD $18