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About the Brand

Colnago was founded in 1952 by Ernesto Colnago in Cambiago, Italy.

In the 1960s, Colnago was regarded as a world class custom road race frame builder. In 1960, Luigi Arienti won the Olympic gold on a Colnago bicycle, which put the company in the spotlight. In 1963, Colnago joined the Molteni team as their head mechanic.

When Michele Dancelli from the Molteni team won on a Colnago in the 1970 Milan-San Remo race, he change the logo into the now-famous 'Asso di Fiori' or Ace of Clubs.

Today, the Colnago name is synonymous with high quality and heritage-infused bicycles.

We are proud to be part of his legacy, and feature the C64, Concept and V2-R in Singapore.