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Concept Details

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Concept Details



Monocoque carbon has been conceived to integrate in the best way with the frame. The straight and crushed sheaths for 90% of their length offer excellent qualities of reactivity and precision when cornering, as well as a considerable aerodynamic advantage compared to a fork with traditional design. The front section is extremely contained.


Saddle Joint

Aerodynamic type, perfectly integrated with the saddle joint. The closing screw is drowned in the horizontal tube, almost invisible. Two results in one solution: aesthetic cleanliness and maximum aerodynamics.

CONCEPT-freni_Direct Mounting Braking System.jpg

Direct Mounting Brake System

The main advantage of this brake derives from the better integration, structural and aerodynamic, with the frame and the fork. In terms of performance, the double pin translates into a more rigid one-pin system, more powerful than the latter and light, with superior aesthetic cleanliness.


Bottom Bracket Thread fit

It is the standard movement chosen by Colnago for its best products. It combines reliability and practicality of a threaded central movement (Bsa) to the width and the great rigidity associated with the Press-fit standard. From the technical point of view, there are two easily removable light alloy caps in case of emergency repair–for example when the two bearings are pressed. Great functionality, therefore, combined with safety, durability and ease of maintenance.

CONCEPT-passaggio-fili_Internal Cable Passage.jpg

Internal Cable Passage

Each element of this frame has been designed to achieve top performance. Therefore, internal cables become a necessity which cannot be renounced. The aesthetic is clean and adds to maximum aerodynamic performance. The path of the cables has been studied to optimize the smoothness of the frame. The frame is compatible with both mechanical and electronic assemblies.


Concept Frame Kit (NJBK)

SGD $4,631 (Caliper) | SGD $5,311 Specifications Here


Concept Art Decor Frame Kit (NJDB)

SGD $5,281 (Caliper) | SGD $5,971 Specifications Here


Concept Frame Kit (NJRD)

SGD $4,631 (Caliper) | SGD $5,311 Specifications Here


Concept Art Decor Frame Kit (NJDK)

SGD $5,281 (Caliper) | SGD $5,971 Specifications Here


Concept Frame Kit (NJGO)

SGD $4,631 (Caliper) | SGD $5,311 Specifications Here


Concept Frame Kit (NJWH)

SGD $4,631 (Caliper) | SGD $5,311 Specifications Here