Colnago 2019 Master Framekits

*The prices shown below refer to the framekits only.

AD4 [Price listed of frameset only]

SGD $3,582 (Caliper) Specifications Here

AD11 [Price listed of frameset only]

SGD $3,582 (Caliper) Specifications Here

AD10 [Price listed of frameset only]

SGD $3,582 (Caliper) Specifications Here


About Colnago Master

The Master received a lot of attention since its birth in the 1980s. The frame was initially designed and built around standard round steel tubing. These had proven to be a success up until the 1980s where the professionals wanted a stiffer front end and an overall better performing bicycle. This led to the creation of the crimpled tube design that has since then stuck with Colnago ever since.

With the combination of the newly developed Star Shaped tubes, Colnago’s precision engineering and in the quest for perfection, the new Master X-Light was born. Moving over to a new Steel alloy has allowed Colnago to drop the weight of the Master X-Light to an acclaimed weight of 1.6kg for the frame and an average of 8.1kg for a complete modern build.

Looking at the list of possible component choices, customers will now have a choice of both traditional and modern components promoting the versatility of these frames. 25c tires are compatible with the frame too with a wider spacing also allowing for 135 axle lengths in the rear. The front Precisa Steel fork is also revamped to allow for the wider tire choice of 25c and is the same one used in the Arabesque.

The paint scheme is also stunning and is a testament to the workmanship that Colnago is ever so proud of. Being one of the three frames still handmade in Italy, it is no wonder why the Master, will always and forever the choice for any Steel Bike lover.

Recommended Sizing Chart

Frame Geometry