All You Need To Know Before Buying Your First Bicycle


We look at the many ways purchasing a bicycle is a cyclic process.

Here at Hup Leong Company, we are constantly thinking of ways to improve our service. We mostly take note of your feedback and continue to be the forerunner of bicycle maintenance standards. We believe our services are appreciated by seasoned cyclists and leisure riders alike.


But that is not enough...

Many of us forget what it’s like to make the first purchase.

Many of us forget what it’s like to make the first purchase. Perhaps you got sucked into this exhilarating sport by a close friend, and now you have to have the fastest wheels. You may have been to one too many trials on someone’s rusty old “mountain bike”–whatever you thought the term meant at the time–before wanting your own. You could even have tried your hands (and legs) at a street bike, and fell in love with the feeling of accomplishment with every mastered trick. We believe that most of us start out pretty similarly, chasing our version of adventure on two wheels.

Making that first purchase, you would (understandably) be very emotional about it. Picking out the colours, doing your research, watching video tutorials, asking your friends for advice, maybe even searching for the most bang for your buck. That’s when we handle the nitty-gritty to best suit your needs, and let’s be honest, your budget.

After all that research and planning, you’ve done it, you’ve bought your first bicycle. You are content with the most informed decision you could make, and we may even have helped you with that.


I’ve got news for you. You’re not going to make the best decision. Ask anyone.

Anyone who cycles of course.


A week in, “I love it.”

A month in, “It’s comfortable.”

A year in, you may already have changed some parts, wheels, seat, or sound like this:

“Damn, I should’ve got the other colour.”

“Damn, I should’ve got the climber/aero/hybrid/mtb.”

“Damn, I didn’t know I was that kind of rider, if not…”

“Damn, I should’ve known [insert random cycling fact here] before buying my bike!”

Unfortunately, we cannot save you from damnation.

It’s a natural process, and nobody can be faulted, because the only person who knows what you like; is yourself. Not your friend, not some presenter online, not even us. Sure, we could pull together decades of experience to best guess your preferences, but like any other skill, you have to go through the learning curve yourself.


We acknowledge this as an organic process, and our existing customers already know we provide free tuning services after the initial ‘break-in’ period of about a month of riding. Tuning services and maintenance after that is important as well, but all that won’t change the bicycle.

So, to rid you of the inevitable buyer’s remorse, we offer a 50% credit trade-in of Merida bicycles for new & existing customers within 2-years from the date of purchase, used to offset the cost of a newer Merida model.


This time, a decision made by a wiser cyclist.

Hup Leong Co.